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I can't recommend Lucie Bolduc / Wood Restoration & Refinishing (707-242-3211) highly enough for anything having to do with wood floors. Or anything made out of wood, for that matter. For my new floor she got me the best deal on both wood and installation and she finished it with her own proprietary finish that lasts twice as long as the commercial ones most refinishers use. Lucie also restored and refinished my delicate french antiques (including a parqueted table with hundreds of tiny little insets) so that they're breathtaking. She's an absolute magician with wood as well as a pleasure to work with. You can tell from the outset that you're in the hands of a master. And, best of all, she's very reasonably priced.

- Harriett Moss, Sausalito, CA

February 11, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

We would like to unconditionally recommend Lucie Bolduc, owner of Wood Restoration & Refinishing for any wood finishing you are considering. She recently refinished the cabinetry in our kitchen and bathroom and the front door. We are very pleased and completely satisfied with the results. We have extensive surfaces of oak, that clearly showed the results of 25 years of hard use before she began and they looked brand new when she finished. The work was done while we were away from our home, and when we returned the result was stunning, everything looking as new. Also, except for the beautifully finished cabinetry, you could not tell she had been there. All of the work areas had been meticulously cleaned up and there were no signs of soiling of other surfaces such as the rugs or adjoining walls. To get such quality work at a reasonable price was really a delight. Lucy is also very easy to work with. She tries hard to understand what you are looking for in a finished result and is very good at communicating what will take place during the refinishing and what to expect when she is done. If you are looking at having refinishing work done, you will be missing a good bet if you do not talk with Lucie first.

- Sincerely, Norman and Catherine Bryan, Santa Rosa, CA

Bohman Woodworks has been a high-end cabinet and furniture shop in Bolinas for over 30 years. For over 20 years Lucie has done work for us, or our clients. Her work with mixing and matching color stains, applying finishes, restoration of oil finishes and satisfying the requests of clients has always been of a superior quality. She has our highest recommendation.

- Jim Bohman, 415-868-1027 jimbohman@att.net

Lucie restored my old secretarial desk and my dining room table and chairs. They looked like new. The desk was done in my apartment. Lucie's work was excellent as well as the clean up. I would highly recommend Lucie for any restorations you may have.

- Sincerely, Linda Cox, Santa Rosa, CA   707-578-4014

At the beach we have a set of two McGuire dining tables, over fifteen years old and starting to show their age. Lucie brought her dropcloths, sander, stains and urethane all to our house, to work her magic while we were away. Although she came daily over the course of a week, when we returned it was as if she hadn’t been, except that the tables glisten with a hard mirror-like finish that should last us years into the future. We appreciate that she traveled a long distance, that her rates are reasonable, and that her work quality is excellent.

- Larry Crutcher, Stinson Beach, CA crutcherlm@gmail.com

Lucie Bolduc transforms surfaces more stunningly than anyone has a right to expect!

- Irit Levi, San Francisco

Wood Restoration & Refinishing's Lucie Bolduc and Ronnie are two people of the utmost integrity, honesty, creativity, and share a work ethic like one hardly sees anymore. They are true craftsmen and take their work (and their clients) very seriously. As an architect, I am likely most contractors’ worst nightmare, when it comes to my own house. Yes, I am very particular. First, we had Lucie and Ronnie re-finish our kitchen cabinets – originally a semitransparent white washed stain. I wanted a deep rich black, almost opaque, but allowing the oak grain to show thru. Lucie experimented with numerous samples, showing extraordinary patience with me, until she came up with just the right look I was seeking. Lucie develops her own finishes thru the mixing of inks, pigments, powders, pastes, and liquids. Throughout, the process, Lucie exhibited such composure and understanding, always wanting to get it just right – to my liking. Though Lucie never ever showed frustration with my desire to have the result perfectly match my expectations, after that project, I figured I would never see Lucie again, having asked her to jump thru so many hoops for me. A couple years later, I inherited a family heirloom dining table, requiring refinishing and a new look. Thinking if I asked Lucie, she would say something like “Thanks, but no thanks.” But I asked anyway, and Lucie responded “Yes, of course!” and “How have you been?” Again thru much trial and error, Lucie arrived at a wonderful solution to our new dining table and we couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Wood Restoration & Refinishing for anyone’s refinishing needs. Lucie and Ronnie are of the highest caliber contractors I have ever worked with – including efficient, timely, reliable, honest, top quality work, keep a clean work site (if they must do the work in-place) and simply the nicest people.

- Joel Pathman, Mill Valley

I have found Lucie Bolduc to be a wealth of skill and knowledge when it comes to the art of wood finishing and refinishing. She has the ability to work with my particular requirements and demanding clients to create results that exceed our expectations. She is a true artist and a professional.

- Scott Couture, Couture Architecture

I had the good fortune to meet Lucie Bolduc in 1976, and together, we created 'Antique Refinishing.' In the following years, we saw our little business grow to performing restorations for some of the finest collectors, as well as museums, and the State Capitol buildings in Sacramento and Austin, Texas. We enjoyed success and a fine reputation for very good reasons; largely due to Lucie's innate sense in finishing, creativity, and her attention to detail. Happily, we have remained in touch over the last three decades, and I have often visited her workshop and job sights. While her expertise and technique have evolved dramatically, she retains the same high work ethics, and a passion for a job well done. Lucie is a delight to work with, and you will join a host of those who are very happy that they chose Lucie Bolduc's In Home Restoration.'

- Jim Mclellan Mclellan, Antiques & Restoration

Lucie Bolduc at In Home Restorations brings a sense of old world craftsmanship to her finishing work. To walk into her workshop is to return to a time where artisans took personal pride in their work. A refreshing change from the impersonal production orientation of so many modern businesses. She is knowledgeable, professional and sensitive in her approach to each job she undertakes. I highly recommend her work.

- Mark Berry Mark Berry Woodworking

Lucie is an A+ surgeon-- without a medical degree-- who breaks out in song as she surgically restores and repairs nicks, pieces, or sun-damaged wood products. For example: the ragged notches of a Boxer's teeth were glaring on the corners of our square living room coffee table. "Not a problem", Lucie says, and sat down to repair, helped along by the thoughtful and constant "Why" questionning from our 4-year old grandchild. The jagged edges are now invisible and the stain color is square on, blending in with the table surface. Lucie is welcome in the house; the dog--not so much! Lucie comes with a very reasonable price, is on time, and very proud of her "healing" skill, as she should be! I happily recommend her services to anyone.

- M. Martin, Mill Valley, CA

I have used Lucie in the past and been very happy with the results. She is very skilled at matching stains and the finished product is excellent. She is also very good at working with the customer and addressing their concerns.

- George Tut

I am the owner of a cleaning company in Marin county. I have known and used Lucie's company for all of my wood working needs. As a residential cleaning service, my employees have sometime damaged clients wood floors or wood furniture. When this happen I never have to worry who I am going to call. I call Lucie and she fixes the problem quick and professionally. We gain the confidence of our client after the wonderful job she does and at the same time Lucie gains a new client to handle any future wood care need that the client may have. No matter how large or small the job she does excellent work. When my clients want their wood floors or furniture refinished, I recommend Lucie'd woodrestorationfinishing.com website.

- Thank, Milton Gooden

To Whom it May Concern:

I have had the pleasure of working with Lucie on one of the most demanding remodeling projects I have orchestrated in my 27 plus year career as a General Contractor. I have to say that she impressed me from the first moment I met her. She brings years of hands on expertise and a deep understanding of the complex medium of wood restoration, finishing, sealing, and coloration to the job site. In summary, just a few words that may describe her personality and work ethic: reliable, professional, well studied, artistic, and fun! I highly recommend Lucie Bolduc and will certainly be utilizing her services at every opportunity. I would be happy to answer any further questions and can be reached at the following:

- Timothy Vinson, Owner -- Building Alchemy, BuildingAlchemy.com 415-272-8756